Welcome to CrypticCraft!

CrypticCraft is a PvP Minecraft server featuring Survival and a KitPvP minigame.
Our aim was to create a straightforward Survival server; no pay-to-win ranks, no broken commands, no constant resets. Just like grandma used to make.
Our player base is not very large, so you and your friends can build up without a constant threat of other people sneaking up on you.

Why we’re better/best/bester

  • Plugins with a purpose
    • We try to keep the bloat to a minimum, so only the best plugins are used
  • Money In
    • We pay people who help us with advertising (creating images, videos) and people who help with in-game building
  • Money Out
    • Our ranksĀ are the most reasonably priced you will ever find. Who else has a $1 rank? It’s almost pointless to sell
  • #AlmostNoRules
    • We don’t see the point in banning people for saying the name of another server (watch this… “Mineplex”. Crazy right?)
  • We’re not jerks
    • Unlike staff members on other servers, being staff is not our only accomplishment in life, and we don’t act like it

Useful Links and Stuff